The Mess of Ministry

I’ve been a part of ministry since I was a baby. First I was just the child of a traveling preacher, then a YPK, PK, Sunday School teacher, missionary, camp counselor, youth group leader, part-time worship leader, pianist, mentor, nursery worker, small group leader. . . and while there have been countless things I’ve learned […]

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The Talk: For Singles

I want to broach a topic that, in my personal opinion, is not discussed enough among Christians in a scriptural way or in a safe environment. Sex. It is time we stop acting like this is not an issue. It’s time we start acknowledging that it is a struggle to remain pure in any capacity […]

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the Rushing engagement.

One year ago, my heart felt wild with freedom. I was detached from any romantic relations or romantic expectations. I would be heading to North Carolina in May to, in God’s timing, fulfill a life-long dream. God had opened several doors of ministry and brought unique people into my life, and I was content. I […]

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