just a house

It’s just a house It’s just our first home It’s just where we painted and painted and painted It’s just where our new church family helped us move in It’s just where our hamster escaped (twice) It’s just where we got our first dog It’s just where we came back to after so many trips […]

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banana hair

it’s the toothless smileit’s the pea mush up her nose and in her eyebrowsit’s the way she buries her face in my chestit’s the way she reaches for meit’s the chunky thighs (and arms and tummy and everything)it’s the sparkling eyesit’s sitting up in the bathtub by herselfit’s the rolling and scooting to get where […]

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six months postpartum

This is where I spend my days nowHere on the floorTrying to finish my coffeeOr read a littleBefore she needs me againShe needs me I’m not the same person nowI forget thingsI don’t sleep very muchI don’t reply to messagesFor a long timeEverything seems to take a long time The things I don’t like about […]

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we will never forget

we heard it in the distanceone country, two countriesit would be here soon it was a jokebut then —it wasn’t in a blink it was hereand we froze in its wakewhat would happen? tom hanks got itone hundred, two hundredthere would be more soon spring break canceledone event, ten eventseverything closed empty buildingsjobless peoplelonely people […]

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a poem: my home is a vessel

My home is a vessel and nothing more As soon as a person walks through my door I do not want them to look at my home And think that it’s empty and cold My home is a vessel and nothing more Please don’t analyze the decor I didn’t buy furniture just for the looks […]

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