banana hair

it’s the toothless smile
it’s the pea mush up her nose and in her eyebrows
it’s the way she buries her face in my chest
it’s the way she reaches for me
it’s the chunky thighs (and arms and tummy and everything)
it’s the sparkling eyes
it’s sitting up in the bathtub by herself
it’s the rolling and scooting to get where she wants to go
it’s the pouty face before she cries
it’s the head-shaking, sticking out her tongue, wrinkling her nose, all the faces she makes
it’s the wild banana hair
that I never want to forget
that I’m afraid of missing
and I wonder how much I missed
when I was wishing for those early days to be over
and I’m afraid I missed too much
so I’m freezing time right now to save this picture
savor this moment
of this precious little one sitting on the floor with me
with banana in her hair

2 thoughts on “banana hair

  1. You haven’t missed a thing! It all just goes by so fast. So document the moments you really never want to forget. These are such precious, priceless times.

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