six months postpartum

This is where I spend my days now
Here on the floor
Trying to finish my coffee
Or read a little
Before she needs me again
She needs me

I’m not the same person now
I forget things
I don’t sleep very much
I don’t reply to messages
For a long time
Everything seems to take a long time

The things I don’t like about myself now
Are the same things
I struggled with before
They are just exacerbated
By little sleep
And a little person


The sweetest moments of my life are happening now
When she smiles
Reaches for me
Laughs aloud
Changes every day
I’m changing every day too

When she was born, I realize now –
So was I
We are growing together
And I don’t want to forget
Sitting on the floor
Sitting with my little one

Until she needs me again

– b.r.r.

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