Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

We sat at Panera Bread tonight after church, outside eating salads and watching lightning bolts and googling “deep life questions” to spark discussions. I read aloud from my phone, “Have you done anything lately worth remembering?”

Joshua scrunched his nose. “I don’t think so, really.”

Of course I assured him of several things, but I added, “I think it’s lots of little moments of kindness, stopping to make time for people. That’s worth remembering.”

And I started thinking about all the little kindnesses I’ve experienced lately, and feel really thankful.

One of the girls in my teen small group made me a tiny hedgehog and it is the cutest thing ever.

Someone gave me a friendship bread starter.

A thoughtful stranger who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet recently sent me, not just one, TWO books. One she wrote about something we both admire, and the other that has encouraged her through a similar season I’m experiencing.

One of the teachers at my school stopped by my office where I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with my to-do list and just wanted to check in on me. The fact that when I said, “Oh yes, do you need anything? I can do x y z today,” and she said, “Nope, just wanted to check in on you,” absolutely made my day.

People have said the nicest (probably untruthful) things about my blog and shared it with others. That means so much.

My hubby rubbed my feet last night – unrequested, unexpected, and so very sweet.

Several people have voluntarily lent me books – “I really think you’ll like this one.”

Last school year someone stopped by with Dunkin for me, just out of the blue.

The person in the office next to mine doesn’t (seem to) mind no matter how many times I have a question or borrow his lighter for my candle.

Someone asked me about Percy, my avocado plant.

Random texts that say, “I’m praying for you.”

Being asked to come along for the ride to get coffee.

Interest. Thoughtfulness. Making time. None of these small moments seem significant, but they are. They are worth remembering.

I want to create moments like that for other people. While I love helping (type 2 here), I also love my alone time and putting my head down to finish what I’m working on. But life isn’t about checking off my to-do list or staying in my safe little comfort zone of helping people how I think they need to be helped. It’s about letting people know they are loved and seen. And maybe, if they know they are loved and seen by me, they’ll remember that they are loved and seen by Creator God.

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