we will never forget

we heard it in the distance
one country, two countries
it would be here soon

it was a joke
but then —
it wasn’t

in a blink it was here
and we froze in its wake
what would happen?

tom hanks got it
one hundred, two hundred
there would be more soon

spring break canceled
one event, ten events
everything closed

empty buildings
jobless people
lonely people

no more church
no more parties
no more life

but among anger and fear
screens and media
mandates and masks–

there was spring

tiny whispers of hope
floating into chaos
on warm breezes

the world turned green
flowers grew
kindness blossomed

smiling from toe to hair
lots more waving
looking strangers in the eye

“how are you really doing?”

slow mornings
local businesses
spring turned to summer

pulling together
rooting for each other
we’re in it together

new music and long days
sunshine and storms

it pulled many apart
it also pushed many together
you choose

it’s not over
one month, one year
we don’t know

seasons change
people grow
God is faithful

no more fear
no more hiding
more life

we will never be the same

we will never forget

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