The “Unmentionables”

a step toward mindfulness: part two

Just being honest here: I struggled to start writing this because I couldn’t decide the format. The original plan was to have several “steps toward mindfulness” in one blog post; but that ended up being way too long for anyone to sit down and read in one sitting. Then I was going to break it up and title each of them “part one” and so on. But that felt really one-dimensional to me. Plus “A Step Toward Mindfulness, part two” is a super long title.

So this is what I’m changing it to: each blog post will have its own title, unconnected to any other blog posts, and if you want to see all of them you can click on the Category “minimalism.”

Hopefully you’ve read my blog post about our dining room table. (If you haven’t, here it is.) At the beginning, I explained that there are some changes we have made in our life to help us live more intentionally. This one may seem silly, but I think more of us could relate to this than would like to admit.



I cleaned out and organized my “unmentionables” drawer.

Ladies, I’m not sure if you do this too (hopefully I’m not the only weirdo) but I had underwear that I had been holding onto for . . . far too long. Ones that were too big, too small, had one too many holes. You get the drift. I was also keeping random bras and camisoles that were too big or too small, “just in case.”

If you are holding onto something, anything, “just in case,” THROW IT OUT. You probably will never need it! I mentioned it before but we have two air mattresses. Why do we keep two?  Eventually we plan to only keep one. We have several friends and family members who live out of state. There is a real probability that they could come to stay with us in the near future, so we can keep one. But two, just in case? Nah.

The same goes for undergarments. I threw out at least half of the underwear I was keeping “just in case.” Let’s be honest, we all end up wearing the same handful every week. We don’t need as many as we have. So out they went, along with the camisoles I never wear and the bras that don’t fit. And now every time I open the undergarment drawer, I smile because it only has things in it that I actually wear. It is organized so that everything has a place and I know where to find it.

Why does this make my life easier? Because I would open the drawer and feel badly about the junk I was holding onto. I felt bad about how many pairs of underwear I had, felt bad that I had purchased some I never wore because they didn’t fit correctly, felt bad because I kept pushing them to the back thinking, “I’ll wear these someday.” There is something to be said for only owning what you need. We all need undergarments. But do we need as many as we have? Probably not.

But what should we do with our old underwear? I’m glad you asked! You can always google it yourself, but I found a few articles that I liked on this topic! You can click on the links below and find some ways you can recycle your own undergarments.

Thanks for reading! I hope this encourages you to go through your own undergarments and analyze how often you actually wear each item. Pick each one up and decide if you really need to hold onto it. And then reap the benefits of a freshly cleaned-out, organized underwear drawer.


For further reading on recycling your old undergarments, click below. (I am in no way affiliated with these sites.)

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