a hamster diary entry:

in which Pavarotti recounts his grand adventure one cold November night.


I’m not sure how long I’ve been free but it’s wonderful! The loud thumping around from the humans is a little scary, but luckily when I crawl through this hole and between these giant pieces of wood, the thumping gets quieter. I think it also keeps me hidden from the humans but that is yet to be determined.

The best part is that the humans keep my giant bag of food right next to my cage, so as soon as I squeezed through the bars of my cage to escape, there was sustenance for my new adventure! I quickly chewed through the annoying barrier, and food promptly came spilling out in a glorious fountain of delicious seeds. I’m sure the humans won’t notice.

Hmmm, I just came back to get a quick snack from the giant bag of food, but the smaller human is in here rooting through my house. I almost march up to her and ask, “Can I HELP you?” but I’d rather continue my freedom than risk getting put back in there. Not now. Not yet. I’ll deal with her nosiness later.

Like I said, I’m not sure how long it’s been, but I’ve been exploring for quite a long time. The only problem is, I forgot to bring food with me, and I’m hungry. I mean, I’m always hungry. What if I moved some of my food? I am a brilliant creature. I should’ve done this earlier, before the human was going through my stuff. But I think she’s gone, so let’s see how much I can fit in my jaws. Wow, that is much more than I thought!

This room with a dark closet and giant squishy box seems like a good idea. I’ve been in here a couple times, and I like it. I’ll set up camp in the closet. I plan to spend most of my time in here. I think this is where the humans sleep. Since I sleep during the day, I’m sure they won’t mind if I’m hanging out in here while they sleep. In fact, I’m sure they’ll be HAPPY! Well, I think I’m going to take a quick snooze while I wait for them to fall asleep.


Man, these humans have been asleep for a long time. I mean, I thought I slept a lot. But I have to get up periodically to run or eat. They just sleep on and on. How boring! Oh well. Time for more exploring! Wait, what was that sound? Is someone awake already? It’s still dark out! They’re not awake yet. I’ll just continue my expedition. It’s so cold on this floor. It’s different than the floor in the room where the humans sleep.

I think I’ve explored every inch of this space up here. There is this huge downward thing that is really scary. I keep wanting to try going down it, but it starts off with a giant drop to the next part. I don’t think my tiny heart can handle that. Actually, it does look like there might be a light on down there–no wait, it’s gone. No . . . wait . . . what is that?! Is that light MOVING up the downward thing?!



The human is chasing me! Why why why? HECK why did he put this silly lid on top of me? Doesn’t he know I can squeeeeeeze through these slots just like this? Silly human . . . AHHHHH HE’S CHASING ME AGAIN! Into the room with my source of food. Maybe he’ll think I’m getting back into my cage–nope never mind, I’m definitely not going back in there, and he is definitely not stopping this chase. Behind the door I go, through the tiny hole, and into base #2 with the rest of the food!

Ahhh the other human is still asleep, I think. I should be safe here to regroup and create a new plan. Wait, did he follow me here? Man, these humans are smarter than I gave them credit for!

I think he woke up the other human. How rude! Let her sleep and let me escape! I’ll just hurry into the closet with my food–oh no he’s blocking me! Under the giant box they sleep on–out the other side–there it is! A table with space underneath for me to–AHHHHH WHAT IS THIS?! Another lid but with no holes? Ugh. These wily humans. I hope I scared the first one as much as he scared me.


The one that was just asleep is trying to pick me up. She is usually very nice, always saying hello and checking on me when I’m in my cage, but I’m not happy right now. I keep avoiding her fuzzy black hand but she somehow grabs me and puts me back in my cage. I hate to admit it, but it actually is nice to be back in my soft wood shavings with my wheel and tiny house. Except, why isn’t my tiny house in here? Did someone steal it while I was gone!?

The two humans are standing near my cage discussing something. I’ve just settled back in under my warm wood chips when they are moving my cage and putting it inside a big box. It makes everything darker. But maybe they’re worried I might run away again. I did outsmart them once.

And I don’t think they found my other stash of food in their room yet.


Til the next exploration–





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