Top 5 Things to Do in Havre de Grace





Welcome to Havre de Grace! Our little town on the water with hidden shops and delicious food and . . . no decent blog from a resident about what there actually is to do around here.

This is a list of the top five things to do in Havre de Grace, not particular to a time of year. I will say that May through October, First Fridays is a blast. Most of the streets downtown are shut down to cars for the dozens of vendors as well as food trucks and activities for children. All of the stores and restaurants open up their doors and set up outside. Also May through October, every Saturday morning from nine to noon is the Havre de Grace Farmer’s Market. The market is set up behind the old Save-A-Lot building under an enormous tent by the water, and features local produce, flora, homemade jewelry, soaps, essential oils, brews, and there is sometimes a lavender farm vendor with homemade products. A LAVENDER FARM, PEOPLE.

So let’s walk you through a beautiful day spent in Havre de Grace. Hopefully this will help you plan your day trip to experience the locale we get to enjoy on a regular basis.


  1. Grab a quick breakfast at Concord Point Coffee. This is obviously number one on the list because it is literally my favorite spot in Harford County. CPC is the cutest coffee shoppe right after you turn onto Washington Street. They feature homemade muffins and cakes, as well as bagels and pastries, including french macarons made at local Les Petits Bisous. The decor is all designed or painted by local artists (all for sale), while the building itself is antique and beautiful. CPC also offers delicious drinks for both coffee-lovers and non coffee drinkers *raised hand*. There is a shelf of games, a keyboard and a guitar. Warning: you may just want to spend all day here.
  2. Hop across St John Street from breakfast to Glyph, a fantastic store featuring original designs for greeting cards, stationary, and clothing, as well as local-made body products and handmade journals, pens, and other products. There is a section designated for tea and coffee drinkers, with various flavors of both as well as adorable mugs and coasters. If you are going to get a Havre de Grace souvenir, I would recommend one of the shirts designed by the owners of Glyph. The designs are clean, trendy, and something you’ll actually wear instead of throw in the pile of other touristy shirts. I can’t say enough about this store. All the guys who work there are super friendly and love answering questions about their products, the store, or locale in general.
  3. For lunch, you’ll have to go a little out of the way, but it’s totally worth it. On Erie Street just outside of town is a fantastic little lunch spot called Sam’s Deli. This place has apparently been around for ages–my parents went there when they were my age! The deli is in the basement of the owner’s house, and they make the most amazing subs. I’ve heard their other food is good too, but we always get their subs. The bread is fresh, the meat is delicious, and the ingredients are simple. I recommend this place to everyone because it is just too good to miss. Two things to keep in mind when going to Sam’s: they only accept cash, so make sure you have some on you, and there are no seats. Sam’s is a grab and go kind of place, so head to one of the many parks by the water to enjoy the scenery while eating. The closest park to Sam’s is basically right across the street. Cross the tiny road and walk until you find the park and a trail that leads into the woods.
  4. Just a little ways down St John Street from Glyph is Seneca Cannery. Now, I hear people talk all the time about how many antique stores there are in Havre de Grace, but Seneca Cannery is, in my opinion, the best one. First of all, it’s HUGE. I don’t even know how many vendors they have there, but there are tons. And, as with all antique stores with vendors, you never know what you’re going to find. There are two floors with furniture, knick-knacks, books, records, and all sorts of random things.
  5. For dinner, follow St John Street all the way down to the intersection at Franklin Street, and then walk down to the water to find Tidewater Grill. Every time we’ve eaten there has been spectacular. If the weather is warm and the sunset is inviting, there is outdoor seating right by the water. If the weather is threatening, stay inside the unique restaurant and enjoy. There is a wide selection of seafood and other delicious entrees.


Bonus shops we love:

Windsong Trading is a fair trade store – also on St John Street, you’ll pass it on your left on your way from Seneca Cannery to Tidewater Grill. The shop is tiny but full of handmade products from ministries and organizations all around the world. The owner is so sweet and loves telling you about how she finds her products and fair trade companies to feature. And, of course, it’s fair trade. Everything you purchase goes to a good cause. What’s not to love about that?

Karen’s Natural Market is at the end of Washington Street right next to the macaron shop Les Petits Bisous. Karen’s shop is full of natural medicine, body products, and ingredients. You can find everything from hair dye to spices to Himalayan salt lamps there, and Karen is very knowledgeable and excited to pass that knowledge onto everyone she can!

There is also a brand new holiday shop above the Vintage Cafe on Washington Street, tiny and full of local-made decorations for holidays and every day. They just opened two days ago, and we are encouraging everyone to go check them out!


What would you add to the list? What’s YOUR favorite hole-in-the-wall in Havre de Grace?




Thanks for reading!




Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this post or name any of the stores or locations named above. I just love where I live 🙂

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