so, I’ve been a wife for 3 weeks!

Y’all. Have you tried marriage? It’s amazing! Big supporter of marriage right here.


The last time I wrote, my heart was aflutter and my head was in ten different places making at least four different lists. There were many unknowns and more worry than I wanted to admit. What if I get sick the day of my wedding? What if the cake falls over? What if the timing during the ceremony events and music doesn’t work? What if I have regrets about decorations or jewelry or . . .

Amelia+senior+photographer,+virginia+senior+photographer,+virginia+wedding+photographer,+washington+wedding+photographer,+le (2)

It was ridiculous. I didn’t get sick (though I was sweating profusely and couldn’t really stop shaking once I got to the altar). The cake couldn’t have been more perfect and did not fall over. The timing all worked out, and no regrets here!

Now, six weeks since I wrote that blog post, I’m a wife. As I began this post, I was sitting in a corner of our apartment at a precious little desk–a newly painted family heirloom–as my husband made dinner. There are still some wedding gifts that don’t have a home yet. We don’t have a lot of decor up yet. But God has blessed us with the furniture, dishes, and so many other things we needed or wanted!

Our wedding day was truly one of the best days ever. I read from someone the other day that she has bad memories of her wedding but has to choose to focus on the good. I am so very thankful that everything went as smoothly as it did, and I find myself often dwelling on random little moments that come to mind.

Bethany Joshua-Bride Groom-0012.jpgI’ll never forget the first moment I saw Joshua on our wedding day. We did a first look (which I highly recommend, but that will be saved for a blog post specifically for brides), and when I first came outside his back was to me. I held up my wedding dress train on one arm, with his gift in my other hand, as I walked nervously across the parking lot to the snowy spot by the woods. He turned around and immediately his hands flew to his mouth. He smiled so wide and gave me a huge hug. Our wedding party was so pumped for us even before the ceremony. Seeing Joshua and having all our wedding party outside taking pictures before walking down the aisle greatly helped calm my nerves.

The ceremony felt like forever while I was up there. But I knew every moment was precious and would only ever happen once, so I tried to enjoy and soak it all in. I remember Joshua crying as I walked down the aisle. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I remember what my daddy said before he walked me down the aisle, and after the officiant asked, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” I remember my hands being so sweaty and my fingers so swollen that Josh could barely get the ring on. I remember the mischievous look on my groom’s face as he took off his shoes before the foot washing, and I noticed the permanent ink on his foot that said, “Girl, you so fine!” I remember looking down at my parents once during the Amelia+senior+photographer,+virginia+senior+photographer,+virginia+wedding+photographer,+washington+wedding+photographer,+le (3)ceremony and seeing how proud and happy they were. I remember being kissed just a little too long, just enough for everyone to start oohing. I remember the joy as we walked back up the aisle as husband and wife to “Takeoff” by Adam Young. I remember how my jaw already hurt from smiling as our wedding party hurtled down the steps and congregated downstairs for congratulations and happy tears and back slaps before going outside for more photos.

It was all so perfect. The reception was breathtaking and our cake was stunning. Our head table was the most beautiful I had ever seen. The food was great, everyone was Amelia+senior+photographer,+virginia+senior+photographer,+virginia+wedding+photographer,+washington+wedding+photographer,+le (1)smiling, some even said they really liked the music choice for the reception! (Frank Sinatra, anybody?) We wrote a “wedding cheer” and it was a blast. We tried to send off floating lanterns but hey–not everything can go off without a hitch. What’s a wedding without a little fire hazard?

I am beyond grateful for all the people that came together to make this happen. It was more beautiful and wonderful than I can describe. And more than all this: I’m married to the most incredible man and life is a grand adventure. Praise the Lord for His provision and undeserved grace in my life!



Dress: Casablanca from I Do I Do Bridal Boutique

Photography: Savannah Faith Photography 

Flowers: Philips Florist

Hair: Amanda Stewart

Makeup: Lizzie Wilson

Ceremony Venue: Franklin Baptist Church

Reception Venue: The Vineyard of Mary’s Meadow

One thought on “so, I’ve been a wife for 3 weeks!

  1. Bethany your wedding day was so very much YOU! It was perfect because of the love you and Josh have for one another and for Christ that shines through both of you. I was honored to be there. Love the way you shared your memories and feeling by blogging. Especially how you give God the glory for it all. Love you, sweet lady!

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