November’s call.

Tomorrow is November! I, for one, am terribly excited about the prospect of the days getting colder and shorter, the Christmas season beginning, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays. (Is it acceptable to listen to Christmas music now?) But let us not forget a very important aspect of this month. And although I agree with all those who say that thankfulness should not just be a Thanksgiving-month activity, I also believe that November lends us the opportunity to be more aware of our thankfulness, or, at least in my case, lack thereof.

I’ve been struggling with discontentment recently. I never realized I had a problem with it until I got back from camp. While I was there, I was in my element. I loved every moment, even the hard ones, the painful ones, the drained ones. I thrived on the camp food, rigorous schedule, lack of sleep, constant exposure to Scripture, and challenges that filled every day. But then I came home. Camp life is not reality for most of us. There was a neatly made bed, a closet full of clothes, a loving church, and family all waiting for me back home. Since then, I’ve struggled with discontentment. I wish I was still at camp. I wish my boyfriend wasn’t almost one thousand miles away. I wish the hours at my job were regular. I wish I had more time to be in ministry. I wish I wish I wish. It’s foolishness.

This is where I am RIGHT NOW. I’ve been thinking about previous blog posts I’ve done, about living in the moment or accepting this period of my life. Y’all think I write those for you. They are more reminders to myself, and I hope that someone may also be encouraged by what I learn through these times.

God speaks so much about giving thanks, rejoicing evermore, and learning to be content. It is very convicting for me to read about everything Paul went through, and yet he counted it all joy for the cause of Christ. I have it so easy. And even if I had it hard, it doesn’t matter, because it’s not about me. It’s about Jesus Christ. It’s about telling people Who He is and what He’s done, and how He deserves our praise and our very lives.

Let’s do this, November. I’ve heard people say that just the action of trying to think of things to be thankful for improves your mood. I have found that to be true. Whether I’m grumping because of a rude customer at work, or my heart is heavy with fear or discouragement, I must remember how very blessed I am. So yes, you will see my “Today I’m thankful for . . .” posts on Facebook or Instagram. You can shake your head at the cheesiness if you want, but I choose to be thankful: now, and every day.

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