by faith.

Hello from the comfortable couch next to the pellet stove in our home. Much has changed since I last blogged. I am not sweating profusely or listening to insects chirp outside my window, nor worrying about whether or not I’ve remembered to pack everything. I am, however, still aching for more adventures and stories to share.

I should really be asleep already, resting up for another day of work tomorrow, but I have to blog. You may doubt me, but I have been thinking about it and wanting to do it for the past several months. Life has been so crazy, and I regret that I have not made time to share things God has laid on my heart. But here I am, 11 pm, thinking about the scripture my daddy preached from last night: Hebrews 11.

Hebrews 11 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. How can you NOT be inspired while reading it?! The greats of the Bible are listed as the author reminds us that, though they were ordinary people, they had extraordinary faith.

I wrote in the margin of my Bible next to this chapter a while ago, and it hit me again while I read it in church last night while co-manning the sound board: What would be written about me? “By faith Bethany . . .” Whoa. That’s sobering. What have I done to exemplify all-in, all-else-abandoning faith in my life? Or let’s make it a little more applicable: What have I done this past year that shows my faith? That’s terrifying. But in less than 3 days, I have the chance to start fresh. A clean slate. A new year. Full of promises, mistakes, lessons, laughter, and adventures. People to meet and share Jesus with. Places to go and things to experiences. And faith to be shown. Let’s keep that in mind as we enter 2015.

“By faith I . . . “

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