and the madness continues…

Life is full of adventures!

Yesterday (Tuesday), I headed to the primary school for a day of fun and just hanging out with the students. There were games and food and no uniforms as the children ran wild and, many of them, flocked about me. I loved sitting in a crowded classroom as 7 or 8 children stroked, plaited, twisted, finger-combed, or just played with my hair. We took selfies and laughed a lot and they told me stories about their teachers and their friends. Agata bought me bakes and fish cake, and Rockisha bought me a grape Busta. I orchestrated freeze-tag (which they call simply Freezer), then Red Rover, and the Simon Says. Do you know hard it is playing all these games with more than 20 primary students? It was a blast. I will certainly miss those dear children, so hungry for love and always ready to give it.

After school, I went back to the apartment for just a few minutes before Pas picked us up for the preschool graduation. It was a lovely little ceremony, with poems, songs, Bible verses, and skits all performed by little ones. I was privileged to sing during the ceremony. Afterward, we stayed to clean up and put the room back together. Pas took me back to the apartment…only to pick me up a few hours later to go to the airport to pick up the American team that is here from Maryland for several days! I loved getting to “welcome” them to Grenada and meet all 20+ of them.

Today (Wednesday), plans got all mixed up and miscommunicated, but while waiting on a bus to take me back to the apartment from town, I ran into an old friend who goes to another church: whose pastor happens to be the one the American team is working with. Lo and behold, the team and that pastor as well as Pas were on their way to town! So we met up with them and hung out for a bit up on Fort George and then went down into the mall to get smoothies. It was a lovely afternoon, and this evening was nice as well with our sign language class and then the midweek service.

Every day has its own set of adventures and details, if you know how to find them. Practice the art of attentive living. It makes life that much sweeter.

// Psalm 86:10

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