The adventure within the adventure: Barbados 2014.


First impressions: Flat. Cooler + better breeze than Grenada. Very flat.

I learned a lot that week (April 23rd-29th): both informational knowledge and life lessons. We arrived Wednesday night and the following morning jumped right into the daily schedule. Each morning everyone went to the camp to eat breakfast; then we loaded up into the buses and headed to “the gym,” which was basically a conference center, for the morning session. In the mornings there were two different “teachers” (though preachers they were as well) on two different topics. Pastor Wagner (from the USA) taught on the KJV: why we use it, its history, etc. Then Pastor Hubbard (also from the USA) taught on the rapture, second coming of Christ, and so on. It was all very informative! During the morning session there was usually a congregational song or two along with a special. After that, everyone would load back into the buses and go back to camp for lunch; then back to our places of rest to relax until being picked up for dinner and then back to the gym for the evening service! During the evening there was more singing and usually two preachers. It was a grand time. Though I did not take my guitar, I was able to play the local pastor’s guitar during all the singing. I also sang during a few of the services.

There were preachers and pastors from America, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Grenada, and Trinidad. With me went Pastor Denis, Kemisha, Bro. Chimron, and Bro. Donald. There were 13 Americans, and it was fun spending time with them. I was actually able to stay with them in the guesthouse where they stayed. It was lovely rooming with two young ladies in a spacious air-conditioned room! We had fun sharing stories about our lives (since neither of them had ever met each other either) and snacking during our down time.

Saturday was the last day of the normal schedule. On Sunday, instead of the usual morning session, we had plain old preaching. And it was awesome. There were two preachers during both services on Sunday, and one sermon from each service touched my heart in a special way. After the morning service I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with a middle-aged lady, and after we prayed she said that now she knew that she was on her way to Heaven! There were several other people (from different churches in the area that joined us on Sunday) who made professions of faith that day, so do keep them in prayer.

Monday was our tour day! We all loaded into an enormous air-conditioned tour bus and rode around for the next 6+ hours. It was fun seeing the sights: breathtaking cliffs, serene beaches, a gorgeous college built in the 1700’s, and monkeys peeking through the trees or running across the road. We got back to our places of abode that evening, and, after spreading our snacks out like a feast, went outside for a time of singing. That was one of the highlights of the trip for me: sitting outside under a starry sky, harmonizing with Americans I had only known for a few days but felt like I had known forever; listening to incredible talent while lying on the concrete gazing at the constellations; singing “Before the Throne of God Above” with no music except the crickets and frogs; and sharing the Gospel with a Nigerian who lives in London but was visiting Barbados.

It was refreshing to get away for a couple days–albeit still a Caribbean island. The trip was enjoyable. I loved the preaching and teaching, and getting to spend time with Americans and also worship with Caribbean-dwellers, and seeing the sights Barbados has to offer. However, I really enjoyed the fresh perspective I got. I missed Grenada while we were there. I missed the mountains, and the gorgeous views everywhere I go, and the people I’m familiar with, the roads and paths I now well know, the ability to hop on a bus and go wherever I need to go, cooking my own food, even my own fan in my own room. I learned several things while on the trip, the least of which was not appreciation for the island God has called me to right now.

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to go. A huuuuuuge thank-you to everyone who has supported me financial, and an even HUUUUUGER thank-you to my LORD for providing the chance to go and the funds for it!

God is faithful. All the time.

All. The. Time.

He never changes. He wants us to grow closer to Him and know Him more. He already knows where we are, and knows us deeper than we know ourselves. It’s up to use to choose to draw nigh to God, and to be still and know that He is God.

God is my unchangeable.

Just wanted to end on that note.

One thought on “The adventure within the adventure: Barbados 2014.

  1. I had missed your blog and was anxious to read it once more to hear all that God has done and continues to do in your life. What an adventure! He is so faithful, constant and true! Love Him and love you!

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