Ceciltucky appreciation post…

So, today I don’t feel so good. There was no soul-winning today, and Kemisha insisted I stay at the apartment to rest instead of go to Bible Club; so here I sit, listening to movie soundtracks and planning my guitar lesson for Tuesday. My mind has been wondering a little bit, though: thinking about home. No, this is not a “I wish I was home!” blog post; it’s a “I’m glad I have a wonderful home to go back to” post.

I always talked down America when I was IN it. I’ve gained more appreciation for it now. The changing of seasons, daylight savings, traffic signs, cheaper prices, air-conditioning, not having to “top up” my phone every week, clean drinking water, and dryer machines, just to name a few things I never knew I would miss.

But more than just the USA in general, I miss little ol’ small-town Cecil County. I miss walking into any store or business and hearing country music. I miss the scraggly beards and missing teeth. (Well…maybe not so much.) I miss Walmart being the go-to place. I miss the library. I miss seeing people I know everywhere I go. I miss cheap postage. I miss Wawa. I really miss driving. I miss country roads and open fields. I miss camo and plaid and denim and cowboy boots and bandanas. I miss tractor-pulls or a play at the local theater being the weekend highlight. I have not seen one stitch of camouflage on this island. I miss little cafes and off-road antique stores or coffee shops. I miss tractors driving on the road. I miss little league and PHS home games. I miss bonfires and “y’all” and the bank lady that acts like we are friends and always asks about George and my job. I miss rusty bridges and old buildings and pumping my own gas.

I miss all my family and friends and church family most of all. The church I’m working with is great, and the members seek to make me feel comfortable and at home, which I truly appreciate. However, they aren’t MY church family, you know? I miss every one of them so much. I miss the friends I could call up for a coffee date or just to call up. I miss my family always there with a hug and an encouraging word. I’m missing a lot.

But, instead of wallowing in what I have missed, what I am missing, and what I will miss as 2014 marches on, I choose to be thankful for where I am, and for what I know is waiting for me when I return. Instead of being sad and contemplative about all I long for, I choose to be appreciative of what I have grown up with and what I will return to. What a joy to know I have such a blessed background. What a treasure to know it waits for me still.

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